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Art and Teddy Bear Farm
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On this page you will find some of the many artistic pages that have been used in the stories and poems created by Dorothy Dardin. You and your family can also enjoy these original and creative prints for a low price of $14.95 each. Place them in your office or your children's room for all to enjoy.

The Scottish Bear
"I Canna Stan Ta Be Without Me Bagpipes!"

This is a Great Gift for those of you who are proud of your Scottish Blood Line as I am!

The Old Fisherman and His Wife
"But Sugar Babe, I Haven't Been Fishing, Honest!"

Hey!....How about that lying fisherman you know? What a PERFECT gift!!

The Fishing Bear
"Here Kissy, Kissy, ...I Mean Fishy, Fishy!"

When was the last time your always fishing husband took the time to give you a kiss?! Are you having FUN? GREAT!! Now let's go to the next page.

The Bear Dentist
"I Think I Found The Root Of Your Problem"

Know of a good Dentist? I don't! But give him this picture anyway!

Umbrella Girl