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Art and Teddy Bear Farm
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Photo Page/3 Books
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Here is a wonderful opportunity to share with your family the magical stories and poems that come to life as you read them to yourself or your children. Considering the unique creative work that was required to create these one of kind books, they are presently sold at the following: The Pirate With The Golden Heart is $39.95.  The Teddy Bear Farm Poems is $39.95. The book on How To Control and Heal Diabetes With Herbs is $39.95

Piriate With The Golden Heart
Original Story With Real Dardin Bears!

Pages of wonderful pictures and story!

How To Control and Heal Diabetes With Herbs!
Over 30 years of experience written in these pages!

The Teddy Bear Farm Poems
Unique and Magical Words That Discribes Beautiful Things!

Pages of colorful pictures and poetic words that describes a wonderful world that would all love to live in!