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Minister Seeking Church


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My Resume

Donald McDade of the Davidson Clan

6422 Apollo Lane
Paradise, Ca. 95969

Gridley Christian Church, Gridley, Ca. 1992-1994 Temporary Position

Central Church of Christ, Rialto, Ca. 1987-1992 Senior Minister

Valley Church of Christ, San Jose, Ca. 1982-1987  Senior Minister

Church of Christ, Oroville, Ca. 1977-1982  Senior Minister

It became necessary to relocate to Paradise from our last church due to my parents ill health. It was important that they have us near by in order to help them. From the time I preached at the Gridley Church, we continued to visit there and other congregations in the area for worship. We also established a worship place at our home for our family members, friends and neighbors. However, it our prayer that God will allow us to serve Him once again full time.

My Qualifications are: Study and Preach Expository Lessons, Knowledge of original Greek and Hebrew, Teach to today's issues, Relate well to Parents and Children, Gospel Radio Broadcasting, Play some Guitar, Song Lead, Help Members Discover and Use Their Gifts, Computer Skills, Office Management, Do Not Believe In Political Pull For Power For Only God Has Power Over The Church  Instead I Prefer To Concentrate On Spreading The Gospel, Humorous, Caring, Compassionate, Social, Counseling, Ambitious, Creative, Enthusiastic, Fair-Minded, Goal Oriented and Respectful